Right now counts 4ever

The Benefits of Believing the Bible


How Postmillennialism will change your life

Why believe something if it has no impact on one’s life? Everything a person believes plays some role in how he lives, moves and has his being. Is God sovereign? That has its impact. Is Jesus reigning king over the nations right now, not just the church? Is the kingdom of God lived out by “merely” redeeming culture or is it actually built and grown by WorldWideJesusDomination (WWJD)?

Premillennialism is escapist and ineffectual in its eschatology. If Jesus can come back at any time (whether or not one assents to this conclusion), there becomes no reason to invest in redeeming culture in any sense of the word. Of course, this all presupposes that redeeming the culture remotely is even a Christian’s responsibility. A PreM worldview is not a “this-world” perspective because it sees the salvation of a person’s soul and escaping hell as pre-eminent. In this eschatology Jesus is only King over the church and practically speaking has no role to play, per se, in the governing of the nations.

Premillennialism and Amillennialism are bedfellows in these senses. They believe Jesus presently is King only over the church; and they allow for Christians to participate in “secular” callings of politics or art if that is what one feels led by the Lord to do. But this is just an option and not an obligation. Amillenialism is a step out from the PreM position in that it sees the calling of the Christian to make an impact on culture and not merely “go to heaven” when he dies. However, the role of redeeming culture in this worldview is still only an aspect of evangelism and only has an impetus on those who “feel led by the Lord” to be evangelists.

Post-millennialism offers a more robust view of Jesus’ kingship and call to the world.

PreM AMill Preterist/ PostM
PreterismAD 70 means nothing. Jesus’ words in Matt 24 are still future and the rest of the NT’s language of judgement is exclusively final judgement.

Kingdom view:

Jews have a future hope of restoration as a nation

Spiritual only.

Entirely future.

Jesus has no rule over the nations in any fashion.

PreterismAD 70 happened and there are NT passages that relate to it, but for the most part all passages on judgement are final judgement references.

Kingdom view:

Jews [might] have a future hope of restoration as a nation

Spiritual only.

Entirely future.

Jesus rules over the nations as much as he rules over the atoms and stars. That is, he is sovereign and in control of all things.

PreterismAD 70 not only happened but is what the whole NT is about beginning with Matt.1 and ending Rev22. Jesus came to receive the kingdom from God and establish and promote his reign over all the nations (see Psalm 2 as a foundation for how Matt 28.19 is carried out). It is the calling of all Christians to proclaim that rule and reign wherever they find themselves. Salvation from hell is a derivative benefit but not the focus. Redemption of the whole life is the focus. Redeeming culture is not just a good idea and an option, but it is the very way the kingdom grows and conquers the world.

It’s not just about how one maintains his family or work or play. It is about announcing the rule and reign of Christ even over the lives of his neighbors and calling them to willingly serve that Kingdom and King. It looks like this.

Your life ultimately counts for nothing without Christ. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords right here, right now and your posture toward him determines whether or not you are his enemy or his subject. Read Psalm 2 and declare which you are. Are you a person who rages against the reign of the King or do you take refuge in him?”
That’s it. That kind of calling is right-here-right-now-worldly. The afterlife is a derivative (try to find even one verse in the NT where the focus is on going to heaven when one dies). Notice how the NT is NEVER concerned with dying and going to heaven. It’s exclusively ABOUT living within the realm of life under Christ and being raised to a new life in the resurrection of the dead.

Regardless of whether or not God will annihilate the wicked(!) or consign them to hell, he calls you to live your life under his Law for his glory, your good and the good of others.

So how does this change one’s life? How is it beneficial to believe the Bible? Without defending this premise: everything one believes affects how one lives. Postmillennialism is a right-here, right-now kind of religion—a “right now counts forever,” to quote a man. Postmillennialism is more of the gospel than the other views and as everyone in the church will assert, the gospel changes lives.


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