Roulette of life

If I knew then what I know now
Would I take that same road
Would I travel that same path, the one I walked with you

I would take my chances and cut another route
Through the brambles and the thorns
Cutting new scars over vaguely familiar ones
Marred from some other time and place

What I wouldn’t give to try again
To try again with someone new
Surely who I am can’t disgust the second time round
Surely this go-round would spin at another rate and she would grab hold and laugh

And we would stand in the middle, we two
And see in each other’s eyes
Stability and stamina and grit and will

But the go-round is slowing and here I am alone
Hoping the roulette of life will slow enough for me to look up through the dizzying whirl and find her standing there.


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