What can I say

That might change your mind
Say to change the way we look at this
Tilt your head more to the side
Now squint your eyes and look beyond
And through around and behind us too

The walls are up but they can be razed
Your heart my mind his idea and her display
The walls are up but we won’t be fazed
Your love my thoughts his muse her mainstay

What was it you sayd that shook me to the core
I was so set and sure in my ways
The chips and the chisel and the wheel and the water
The shape thereof and the form therein


Where we were there
Here we are now
so much pain in the change
It’s the difficultest thing to do
Where we are now
There we were then
If we hadn’t closed our eyes
If we hadn’t touched the handle on the plow

For GrahamN
Inspired by your presence at the Berlin Wall


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